Spalinowe wózki widłowe HC

Seria XF

xf1-1.7t Dostępne modele

Latest forklift technologies are employed in the XF series 5-7T internal combustion counterbalance forklift trucks, which are the achievements of Hangcha for over 30 years of the experience in forklift manufacture. The dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system, the efficient new lighting system and the new-type reflector reduces hydraulic loss and energy consumption, extends the service life of the vehicle and increases the lifting speed.

Seria R

5-7t Dostępne modele

The R series internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck is ergonomically designed, providing high working efficiency, as well as reliable and durable operation. Designed with long wheelbase, the whole vehicle achieves better longitudinal stability and residual capacity at the same lifting height than the former model. This also helps to prolong the working time of rear wheel because of the reduced rear axle's load.